ACS Audio Course on Radiochemistry

This is an audio course on radiochemistry by Gregory Choppin and Patricia Baisden. It consists of 12 audio segments and a textbook. The audio segments are provided in Shockwave, Realplayer, Windows Media, and MP3 format, and the textbook is in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required). The audio was originally on cassette, with each audio segment corresponding to the two sides of the six audio tapes.

Please note that some media players, including Windows Media Player, incorrectly interpret the playing time of the MP3 files. This does not affect the actual playing of the file whatsoever, but simply means that the playing time displayed may not be entirely accurate.

If you have adequate bandwidth it is highly reccomended that you choose MP3 format. The sound quality will be noticably better than Shockwave or Realplayer. The sound quality of Shockwave is poor, and should only be chosen if it is necessary for your system.

Entire Textbook

Section        Shockwave Format        Realplayer Format        Windows Media Format        MP3 Format        Length (Min:sec)

1Listen (2323kb)Listen (1086kb)Listen (1452kb)Listen (7825kb)28:37
2Listen (2394kb)Listen (1119kb)Listen (1496kb)Listen (8073kb)29:31
3Listen (2188kb)Listen (1023kb)Listen (1367kb)Listen (7336kb)26:58
4Listen (2328kb)Listen (1088kb)Listen (1455kb)Listen (7881kb)28:42
5Listen (2631kb)Listen (1230kb)Listen (1644kb)Listen (9066kb)32:26
6Listen (1826kb)Listen (854kb)Listen (1142kb)Listen (6256kb)22:30
7Listen (2183kb)Listen (1021kb)Listen (1365kb)Listen (7554kb)26:55
8Listen (2095kb)Listen (979kb)Listen (1309kb)Listen (7153kb)25:49
9Listen (2112kb)Listen (990kb)Listen (1320kb)Listen (7153kb)26:03
1Listen (2163kb)Listen (1012kb)Listen (1352kb)Listen (6959kb)26:41
11Listen (1318kb)Listen (619kb)Listen (824kb)Listen (4455kb)16:16
12Listen (1195kb)Listen (559kb)Listen (748kb)Listen (3651kb)14:44

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