History of Nuclear Chemistry

Click the following links to watch videos relating to nuclear chemistry.  These videos range from 216 KB to 1.5 MB, and require Quicktime to play.

A Brief Note about Plutonium by Glenn Seaborg (20 sec)
One sentence on how Pu was a means of extending the boundary of the periodic table.

Plutonium and Why It Was Kept a Secret (2 min)
Glenn Seaborg talks about the discoveries of Actinium and Plutonium and the reasons for keeping the discovery of Pu a secret.

The Prediction of the Actinide Series by Glenn Seaborg (2 min, 19 sec)
Glenn Seaborg discusses the initial failure to chemically identify elements 95 and 96 (Americium and Curium) and later describes his prediction of the actinide series.

Introduction from Bob Silva (1 min, 26 sec)
Bob Silva from the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley describes Glenn Seaborg's prediction of an actinide series with elements 102 and 103 (Nobelium and Lawrencium) discovered by this laboratory.

The HILAC or Heavy-Ion Layer Accelerator (2 min, 16 sec)
The HILAC is shown and described. Experimental parameters for bombardment are considered.

Discovery of Lawrencium (59 sec)
The presentation includes discussion of the discovery of Lawrencium with the heavy-ion layer accelerator or HILAC and the reaction used to produce it.

How To Collect Lawrencium Atoms (1 min, 8 sec)
Bob Silva demonstrates and describes the experimental preparation for the collection of Lr atoms.

How To Collect Lawrencium Atoms-Really Fast (24 sec)
A faster version of the above movie is provided for humorous effect.

The Discovery of Element 106-Finally (38 sec)
Nuclear chemist Darleane Hoffman speaks on the confirmation of the original discovery of element 106.

The Naming of Element 106 (19 sec)
A brief narration by Albert Ghiorso of the suggested name for element 106.

The Limits of Discovering the Heavy Elements (18 sec)
Glenn Seaborg talks about the limitations of discovering heavy elements, and a model of nuclear fission is shown.

What Good is a Heavy Element? (55 sec)
Narration by Albert Ghiorso. A chromatographic separation of Californium-249 is shown, with its subsequent placement on a platinum foil for bombardment.

Ghiorso --Remembering Seaborg (49:38) --It requires Windows Media to view

Link to Seaborg Autobiography ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dQg0PAOAwE)

Special thanks to JCE Online, who provided the videos.


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